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Oh no! Robots!  Collect all the microchips to reveal the level exit while avoiding your deadly mechanical pursuers. Get them to crash into each other. Phase through them. Use the teleporters to cleverly traverse each level. Do it all as quickly as you can to get on that high score board!

Robots! is a turn based game of quick-thinking avoidance for Android phones, inspired by the design and look of 80’s arcade and early home console games.

  • Designed for portrait mode and a single finger swipe. Play with one hand!
  • Play quickly to get a high score. How far can you get from level 1 in how little (real) time?
  • Or relax! Unlock each level you reach and use the level select to pick up where you left off!
  • 169 levels!
  • 5 boards!
  • 3 robot types (reach higher levels to reveal new foes!)

Check out the manual. (Also available from the game’s main menu.)


This is the trial version.

You'll be able to play 10 games of Robots!, and any game that lasts less than 30 seconds doesn't count. The full version is only $1.00, and you can find it here!


robots-demo-1.0.1.apk 3 MB

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