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The last survivor of a Thriller style zombie epidemic, you're a specialist in biochemistry that locked himself, alone, in the deepest bunker of the research facility where he works, hoping to find a cure.

Your hopes we're not in vain. Having discovered and synthesized a small amount of a compound that will instantly return a zombiefied person to normalcy (provided they were normal to begin with), all you have to do now is make your way from the bunker to the main lab with enough serum to begin synthesizing more, avoiding your shambling co-workers and curing enough of them along the way to act as lab assistants.


Get to the top right of the map with at least 1 Serum sample left and 3 cured zombies in tow.

If a zombie sees you, they will chase you.

If a cured scientist sees you, they will follow you

Touch a zombie and you die.

If a zombie touches a cured scientist, they become a zombie.

Walk too far from a cured scientist and they will lose track of you and wander aimlessly.


Left and right arrow keys - Move

Space - Activate switches to open doors, move elevators

Left Alt - Use syringe (uses 1 serum, cures zombie on contact)

Left Control - Shove (stuns zombie briefly, allowing you to move through them)

To move while shoving or using the syringe, hit the arrow key SECOND.

Made for Philly Game Forge's "Death Jam" in May of 2016.


Serum.zip 12 MB