A downloadable game

(Made for Game Boy Jam 5)

You, Chad McManly, must trap the dreaded Gumble!

To win, drop the cage on the Gumble AFTER the Gumble has eaten all the splorts (the little slug guys).

  • If the cage reaches the bottom without trapping the Gumble, game over.
  • If the Gumble catches Chad, game over.
  • if Chad falls, game over.
  • There is no "Game Over" or "Win" screen. Press F1 to reset in the event you meet an untimely end!
  • KNOWN GLITCH: Make sure to double-tap the Alt key to drop the cage. The game sometimes fails to read the input.


  • The floating question mark shows you where the Gumble is moving to.
  • The glowing dots behind Chad represent his "trail". The Gumble can pick up Chad's scent and will move on the freshest one it can find.
  • If you can't see the question mark, the Gumble has seen Chad and is after him!
  • If the Gumble jumps while chasing you, he loses track of you unless he sees you again.
  • Use the elevators on the sides. They move one level at a time. Get off and back on to move multiple levels.


  • Left and right arrows
    • Move Chad
  • Up and down arrows
    • Climb ladders
  • Left control
    • Push or drag ladders and the cage
  • Left Alt
    • Drop the cage to the level below
  • M key
    • Mute/unmute music
  • F1
    • Reset the game
  • Escape
    • Quit the game

Design, programming, art, and music by me (John Hiner).

Graphics made in Aseprite using the built in Game Boy palette.

Music made using FL Studio 12 and the pooBoy 2 VST plugin.

Both of these things are wonderful and I recommend them to everyone!

Install instructions

Just unzip and double click the .exe!


Trapper.zip 11 MB